Content as a necessary element of optimization 

Content is king – recently such slogan comes out in almost every conversation about SEO. What can we get from it? Even though the website is perfectly built, it has good redirecting links and fast loading speed, it may turn out that it doesn’t give us satisfying results. Why?

Content vs copywriting

What is the difference? We can find it in purpose and intention. Content is supposed to engage users, encourage them to stay longer on the website, let them get to know us and our products and to make them identify themselves with our brand. Copywriting, on the other hand, should assist sales processes. However similar these terms can seem, the differences are quite significant.  To succeed, we need to make use of both of these terms. When using content, we must not forget about copywriting and the other way around. 

Why should we invest in content?

To understand why we should invest in content, we need to remember how Google algorithm works and why was it invented. Its goal is to give users the most accurate answer. To make it possible, Google needs to know what your domain or specific website is about, and adequately written content is the best way to assure that this information is correct. 

Good content not only makes your website visible, build its position and ranking on Google, but you also work with a user. When building a proper image of your brand, you give something from yourself. If someone finds your website, they will see not only your products but also your commitment. It’s a double benefit. 

How should good content look like?

Most of all, good content should be engaging. We do not want to bore our readers. We want them to stay on the website longer, allow us to show our product and its benefits. Which is why we should use an adequate language for that- we need to know who do we want to get to and prepare the content accordingly, and doing that is not easy. We need to be conscious of our brand, set goals and have a good idea who our potential client is. We should focus on answering the user’s questions and telling them about our brand and products. 

Copywriting- do not forget about it!

Copywriting, as we mentioned before, assists the sales processes.  Similarly to creating content, we should properly think it through before attempting it. However similar, copywriting is one step ahead of content. In the case of copywriting we do not only want to please our users by giving them quality content, but we also want to sell our product. The first step is interest, the second is an efficient sale. 

What do we often forget about while writing a copy?

The answer is quality. Although the purpose of the text is to help us sell our products, we often forget that it is not the text’s only goal. The other goal is to create the client’s commitment. Nowadays we are surrounded by ads which are everywhere we look. We are tired of them and so are our clients! Because we are tired of content which is constantly trying to sell us something, we need to create the text in a different way. We use our knowledge, skills and technical background to write in an engaging way to better appeal to people. 

We know how to write at

We are not only focused on technical SEO, but we also have a team working on content and copywriting. Contact us if you want your domain to be user-friendly, to have the best-optimized practices and sell your products effectively. 

Not everyone has enough time and will to create content. We are aware of this. This is why we want to help you and show you what hidden benefits do content and copywriting hold. Our team will be more than willing to help you. 

During the time we work with you, our clients we get to know your brand, products, your mission, ideas, and goals. We are able to suggest what can be changed, what can be developed and which path you should take.

We are not following schemes- we are working to get the best results.

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