Google Maps Marketing and SEO

How many clients find you through Google Maps? Is your company visible on premium positions in Google Maps results?

How to stop worrying about your company’s place in Google Maps search results and receive up to 20 phone calls per day?

How many people haven’t searched for services you offer or for your company in Google Maps? Few. And how many has successfully found your company, clicked the phone icon and actually called? Fewer? Much fewer? THIS is the next level in marketing and Google Maps SEO.

What provides local businesses with constant stream of new clients, who locate them with their phones?

Reviews…? News…? Updates…? Categories…? Products…? Services…? They do influence your Google Maps visibility. However, that’s not all.

And what about the rest?

How to market and position a company in Google Maps.

Google My Company is a platform dedicated to local companies and is constantly developing, providing new opportunities for you company.

Think about Google My Company as a Facebook fan page. Just like you need appropriate strategy for Facebook, you will need one for Google My Company. As few businesses optimize and manage their Google Maps listings, the untapped potential is massive. And once we get to work, the effects can really surprise you.

We’ve performed a basic optimization of Google My Business listing for one of our clients, an industry leader. Additionally, we manage Google Maps marketing activities.

Please take a look at the chart below. Once enhancements and optimization had been introduced, the results surged considerably.

kwartal-wyniki-mapla kawartal-wyniki-wyszukiwania

Google Maps optimization and strategy for your company

Here’s what we have prepared and how we plan to manage your listing so that your company becomes more prominent in Google Maps.

5 steps to improve and optimize your listing. These can bring up to 100%  growth in map visibility.

Analysis of industry and competitors to build a strategy that will propel your profile up, making it score more inquiries.

We will devise a management strategy for your Google listing and implement it. The inactivity of competitors is your advantage.

Seems impossible? Quite the contrary! Not once you have a plan and a strategy to optimize and manage your Google My Company listing.

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